VOIP & CRM: A Match Made In Call Centre Heaven

By Staff Writer | October 11 2019

Huge Networks believes the local market for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions is set for an uptick this year after global spend on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software grew over 15% last year, according to research authority Gartner.

Part of the JSE-listed Huge Group (JSE: HUG) and now incorporating Otel, Huge Networks is a data service provider and communications company with a two-decade history of rolling-out VoIP and other managed ICT solutions to enable CRM strategies.

“Almost 75% of CRM spend worldwide is on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with VoIP being a key component of these services hosted and distributed over the Internet. Any uptick in global CRM spend is likely to spell good news for SA’s VoIP sector,” says Huge Networks Commercial Director, Rad Jankovic.

CRM and VoIP are well-suited. Gartner’s research found that SaaS applications like VoIP were finding growing favour in CRM environments that had requirements for remote and mobile users. “Contact centres are where VoIP really comes into its own thanks to the technology being feature-rich, low-cost, flexible and scalable,” says Mr Jankovic.

“The beauty of VoIP in a contact centre environment is that it can enable SMEs, in particular, to punch above their weight and appear as enterprise-class organisations while still in that crucial early-stage business lifecycle,” adds Mr Jankovic.

He provides ten further reasons why VoIP can effectively enable small, medium and large organisations’ contact centre-based CRM imperatives:

  • VoIP’s up to 45% more affordable call costs mean outgoing CRM becomes relatively inexpensive.
  • VoIP systems from leading telcos like Huge can be easily integrated into existing CRM platforms enabling additional cost-savings.
  • Cloud-based VoIP means vital CRM call data is always easily retrieval while actual conversations between agents and clients can be cost-effectively retained.
  • Softphones compatible across a range of devices mean easy outfitting of agents in the best CRM-appropriate hardware like headsets.
  • For SMEs on a budget, soft phone interfaces that can be installed onto existing devices also mean the latest version of these voice systems is always just a click away.
  • The IP-enabled soft phone is, in fact, a computer interface that can be accessed across a range of devices; including desktops, tablets and cellphones; boosting efficiency.
  • VoIP lends itself to scalability. As the business grows, adding new agents to a VoIP-based contact centre environment is much easier than having to buy and plug in desk-mounted phone systems and cabling.
  • VoIP systems are easy to operate allowing agents to get on with the business of satisfying clients instead of wrestling with clunky and confusing technology of yesteryear.
  • Digital VoIP offers better security than old analogue-based PBX systems that are still used in some call centres.

“While a much lower cost to communicate is the single biggest driver for contact centre environments connecting their CRM platforms to VoIP systems, SME and enterprise clients alike will be pleasantly surprised by the many additional benefits that soon follow the switch to VoIP,” concludes Mr Jankovic.